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Founded in 1996, NINGBO FLUID POWER MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a privately owned manufacture & trading company specialized in producing below lines:

 ~ hydraulic Tube fittings& hose fittings
 ~ hydraulic cylinder fittings
 ~ stamping fittings
 ~ industrial valve fittings
 ~ automotive power train parts
 ~     custom-design products(non standard fasteners/ pipe stands...)

NBF gives you an expert resource for your customized machining parts needs.We could offer in numerous product sizes, grades and finishes.No matter how different, your non-standard requirements are managable for us. Give us your sketch and our engineers will provide you with a finished engineered drawing for your appr...[Click for Details]

Our Product/Service: Machining parts, Stamping parts, Hydraulic Tube and Hose Fittings



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Company Profile

Established Year: 1996-01-01
Annual Sales: US$2.5 – 5 Million
No. of Staff: 51 – 100 People
No. of R&D Staff: Fewer than 5 People
No. of Engineers: 5 – 10 People
Export Ratio: 91% – 100%
OEM Services Provided: NO
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Business Type: Manufacturer, Service
Quality Certificate: ISO9001, ISO9001:2008
Main Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Mid East, Oceania, Africa
Competitive Advantage: 1.On the base of our experience team and imported top-notch machines,our allowable error could reach to 0.025mm
2. Professional tests have to be carried out after each machining steps
3. All products applies to the international regulation. Hydraulic fittings have high quality which meet with SAE/ DIN/ BC/ JIS/ ISO, etc.
4. nearly 20 year's experience of professinally manufacture and export worldwide

Contact Us

Address: HeHua Bridge Industrial Areas, YunLong Town, YinZhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)/315317  
Telephone: 86-574-88474877
Fax: 86-574-88067337
Contact Person: Mr.edison Yan (Product Manager) 
Mobile: 130 5671 6707
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